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Fasunlade Lilian

Hello, I’m Fasunlade Temitope Lilian. I’m a Fashion Designer/Life Coach /Writer and I totally love growth. I have been able to evolve from little to big dreams{still on my way up; smiles} and that is why I’m here to extend those ideas that brought me thus far, to you.

 My  mantra is, everyone is born with great potentials and all we need is helping each other to bring those potentials to reality. Goals Guide is one of my mission to help achieve that; to bring you possibilities of setting goals and meeting them; to help you ACHIEVE A FRUITFUL YEAR CONTINUALLY. SO EXPLORE AND ENJOY LIFE TO THE MAXIMUM   

Fasunlade Lilian


Goals Guide is a special workbook for everyone. If you observe, as one who is serious about living a purposeful life, we have a lot to keep up with.

From meeting our spiritual needs, to career, finances, health, family, relationships and other miscellaneous lifestyles and to be able to achieve all of that requires setting goals and meeting them.

Goals Guide helps you to keep track of your every goal and the right actions to take to achieve them within a SET TIME. Having this Guide would help you to be more time conscious and the decisions you make on a daily basis. It’s a guide to help you create the life you want and it’s a motivation to journal. Explore life to the maximum.

“Most times the race between the now and the pictures we have in our head are not the same. But in one word, tenacity takes us there.”
Fasunlade Lilian
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